Welcome To The Archery Zone!

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Products | 0 comments

Originating in Australia Archery Tag made it’s way into Europe.

Now we can’t get enough of it and we want you to own your own Archery Set!


This is the perfect way of getting a few mates together and having an archery tag session in the park.

A super way to exercise and our ambidextrous bows make this a must have for enthusiasts of the extreme!


Bundles are available to suit everyone.  From single player kits to two player bundles.

We also provide all the accessories you could ever need to make sure you are fully kitted out for the best experience!


Accessories include Archery Tag Arrows, Pro Armguards, Spare Foam Tipped Arrow Heads and Arrow Vanes.


So whether you’re an archery enthusiast or wanting some extreme fun with your mates, Archery Tag will not disappoint!


Get your kits here 👉https://theboomstore.co.uk/archery-tag-zone/